geh678kiyutyStamped concrete is the best material to be used on a pool deck surface. This is because it is not only beautiful but also durable and has low maintenance needs. The use of stamped concrete on the pool decks gives one a wide variety of decoration choices. The wide variety of choices made by using stamped concrete may not be possible when other materials would be used.

Stamped concrete is available in different designs, for instance in Massachusetts construction of concrete can be done using different patterns that are available in the market. With the additional use of stains, powdered pigments and other agents of antique, the contractor may make your pool deck look like the natural stone which complements the look of your home.

One can get pool deck ideas from numerous sources. Some include visiting high-end hotels and seeing how they have decorated their pool deck, doing online research and also consulting the service providers among other sources.

Stamped concrete deck ideas

1. Use cool colors

If the pool deck is exposed to the sun the whole day, it will be very hot to step on. To help get rid of this, one can use cool color shades. Some of these colors include white, sand or coral colors. They will go a long way in helping keep it cooler. The most preferred color is white. The color white is known to reflect heat away hence will help in reflecting heat from your pool surface. This can be achieved by mixing cement with lime then adding titanium dioxide. After stamping, the joints can be filled with white grout. This helps in achieving the white effect to enhance coolness.

2. Avoid rough textures

The pool is where all people walk on with bare feet, and it needs to feel good on their feet. Using stamp patterns which have deep grout lines or have very rough surfaces will make it very uncomfortable to walk on. More to that, they can collect water hence make the place uncomfortable. It is better if such are eliminated to enhance the use of your pool comfortably.

3. Terracing

The levels of the stamped concrete can be terraced. This will be a good way of separating the lounging zone from the recreation zone.

4. Add LED lighting

The pool can also come to life after dark especially for people who love hosting pool parties. To enhance the lighting effect during such events, one can incorporate the use of LED lights after stamping. They come out so beautiful in the dark which enhance the beauty of the pool.grht6jukiuymg

5. Leafy design

One can stamp the pool deck with random patterns of leaves. This will help give the pool a feel of like walking in the woods.

Proper sealing is necessary to ensure that the stamped concrete is not destroyed by the harsh chemicals used to treat the pool, constant exposure to water and also fading. To get rid of sliding beside the pool the stamped concrete is treated with the non-skid additive. These designs can be applied easily now that you have the necessary information.…