Escape Adventures


Escape rooms are gaining popularity in the current world as people seek more fun which is close to real. Various groups like schools and employees of a company can benefit from the vault escape room games which help them to grow teamwork skills. Fun loving and adventurers guys can also have more fun than one can imagine by using these games. Time To Escape is a vault games provider, and their website explains more of what they offer. So, if you are a group looking for fun or team building, below are the various activities you can enjoy.

Various escape room activities

Prison break

fdgfdgdfgfdgA mention of Prison break is thrilling enough. Breaking out of the strong doors would be tough. Most vault rooms use Alcatraz prison since it is one of the hardest jail to break in the world. The team is usually given a time limit withing which they must solve the requires puzzles and find a way out of the prison. The keys to each door are hidden, and clues are left to assist the team in finding them. The time limit is short but through which any team can successfully get out.

The treasure island

Treasure island is a story well known to many people around the world. This is a fun game which can be played even by the kids. The island is full of treasure which is hidden in various places. So the teams are required to solve various puzzles which lead them to each treasure. They must remit all the treasures to the finishing line before the time elapses. This is considered as one of the best games for the family members including kids. Well organized escape room companies provide themes and soundtracks of birds and nature to make this games look and sound real.

Great tombs

fdgdfgdgdgdfdgHistory and archeology related students will love this game. However, it is a fun game for everyone. Many years ago people used to be buried in tombs which were hidden in caves. The tombs of the prominent people like kings and queens were massive and decorated with precious stones like gold. This game requires the team to locate the tomb in the caves get in and grab required gems and get out before the cave locks itself again.


The above examples are just few example of the many escape rooms ideas out there. The majority of them revolves around these ideas, however.