Everyone was a paintball newbie at some point. As such, it is only through experience when one gets to understand the ins and outs of this game. If you are just starting out, you are also not destined to fail. This game only requires you to read and master some simple strategies, which will end up speeding the learning process. If you are a new player, the following strategies will help you compete favorably against experienced players.

Avoid giving your position too soon

Patience pays. When playing this game, always be patient and avoid giving away your position too soon. As such, you shouldaQWSDAQAsCs make every move a calculated one by evaluating the risk of giving out your location before shooting. As such, you should always stay quiet and work with your teammates before you start shooting. Another reason to should at only those near you is that you give your teammates an opportunity to take cover or move to better positions.

Don’t let opponents see you after seeing them

Paintballing is about who sees who first. As such, the moment you see an opponent, you are expected to monitor every move they take without them noticing you. As such, you should always scan the field fast and discreetly without letting the opponents notice you. As a newbie, you might not be in the best position to do this. Avoid looking down for too long as you master the art of staying alert with time.

Hide in spaces with good coverage

Paintballing requires you to avoid overexposing your body. As such, your primary objective should be to hide in an area with excellent coverage. As such, you should start by surveying the area before the game starts. However, things might be different if the rules of the game do not allow. Whenever you are planning to move from your current position, scan the areas and avoid exposing too much of your body to nearby opponents.

swASAQSDAQsaTeamwork is key

Paintball is a team sport. As such, you need to work in close collaboration with other team members to win. As such, beginners with that demonstrate superior teamwork and communication skills can outplay even the most experienced players. However, you also need to keep your communications discreet to avoid revealing your position.

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