A maxi dress is a simple long dress, designed to reach the floor and unfitted to the body. A maxi is an outfit in a woman’s closets that remains versatile in all seasons. Long are the days where long dresses were considered formal wear. Many ladies love the hemline that sways around the legs. As they are elegant, stylish, comfy and chic. How then does one go about wearing a maxi dress?

Wearing A Maxi Dress

Color And Print

Selecting the right color details and print is key to wearing a maxi dress. Look for prints that match your skin color and tone. There is a full array of color and print available to choose. The;lkjhgfhjkl;kjhac colors vary from neutral to bright and bold colors. Likewise, prints range from polka dotted to flower prints. Shop for colors and print that complement you for different the occasions that you may attend.

Design and Style

A variety of design and style are available for the maxi look and style. They range from maxi dresses with long sleeves, short sleeves or sleeveless. Likewise, the neckline varies from V-shaped to round necked to no neckline. Remember knowing how to dress your body type is essential. Length matters, maxi dress, are able to fit women of all sizes and shapes depending if one is a slim figure or a petite lady. It is important to find the appropriate length that will reach the ankles and not cascade on the floor. Match the design and style of the maxi dress to your body type will bring the right fit. By doing this, you will bring out an elegance from the look.


Having the right pair of shoes will go a long way in enhancing the maxi dress look. Depending on the occasion and reason of wearing the maxi dress, different shoes can be worn. Heels either wedges, pumps or high heeled sandals give a chic, elegant look to flats for a casual weekend look. The color of the shoe will also add in completing the desired look.


lkiuytrtyuiopiuAccessorizing the maxi dress enables transitioning to various looks. The addition of one accessory can move a look from a casual setting to a formal one. Wearing that cropped blazer transforms the look to an office setting. Likewise, wearing a belt, beach hat, scarf and sunglasses give a casual look. When buying a light blue maxi dress whatever the accessory one decides to have on be it a bag or jacket, letting it also reflect one’s personal character and statement will add to the look.…